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Here are some tips from yours truly, on how to protect yourself from websites who falsely advertise! (Whether you choose me or not, you definitely must read this, and you're welcome.) I'M SNITCHING ON ALL THE FAKES, such as Kitty Cat Now (Violet) and Hot Party Stripper, who spent a lot of time trying to run off my ads so their websites full of nonexistent models and rip-off "packages" could be at the top of Google! More examples of fakes on the bottom from someone I taught who tried opening her own business (only after watching mine get started, and then trying to make me starve.) Scroll to the very end. Yeah, everybody wants to comment about my professionalism for posting this, until they have been through what I have.
Bait and switch

1. First of all, the many different stripper websites that you may have noticed, tend to belong to only a small circle of the same owners. He or she really seems to think that it takes several to make ends meet, when in fact people have caught on. Some of these guys actually dare to use the same photos from a whole other website. You don't know the actual name of the person/people running the site. It's one thing for a website to have "phone operators"; but, you should really know who you are paying on your credit card, if you are putting down a deposit. Tons of shitty websites are run by the same turd bag guy named "Michael" from California, who has multiple sites in all states. He also tends to change the company name he uses, under which he charges your card for. Don't trust him. He has tried to send me to parties for black girls, and has sent black girls to parties who have asked for whites or Latinas. Websites like his will send crackheads if they have to - very, very trifling indeed. 

2. Do NOT trust any website that tells you to pick more strippers than the ones you specifically asked for. THIS IS A SCAM! You're not going to get any of the ones you picked! If you pick your strippers, and they are not available (especially if you've booked way in advance) it is the website's responsibility to immediately let you know that only other options are available, in order to give you fair time to decide. I don't even know how many times I could have been provided the opportunity to help a party have a more awesome time, when I have been called because another website failed to provide attractive and reliable strippers. It's unfair to both sides. I lose potential earnings (and more chances to pass out my card, which many use to call me back or make referrals) and fun moments, but you guys can never get the same bachelor party or birthday party weekend back! Anyhow, do not buy into the crap about protecting their privacy- they're basically protecting their feelings and possible losses. MAKE THEM SEND PHOTOS WEEKS or DAYS BEFORE, depending on how early or late-on you first booked. 

3. Watch out for cartoon-like model pictures, grainy, overly filtered and distorted stripper photos, pictures at weird angles only (that make the stripper look super skinny, face-only photos, stripper's bodies and tattoos showing but their face is hidden. I have some types of photos such as these on this website, but that's because it is my website, and I randomly snap selfies whenever I remember. I also try to get party pictures with customers because those are the most genuine. You can trust that all of the photos I have on here are mine, and if anything changes about my looks, I post it! Many folks also say I look better in person.

4. Know what you are truly paying for, and who the payment is going to.

The strippers will NEVER collect their fee by credit card, payment applications, checks, money orders, etc. Websites who book strippers generally are to collect their own damn (exorbitantly high) booking fees by card over the phone or through their site, while the strippers always collect cash payments upon arrival and before they perform. Previously, I have taken parties for websites who have asked me to collect all or partial payment, and I hate doing either. You know why? Because these websites are not fully legit in their intentions, i.e. fake model photos, spending more on Google bids to post ads over mine and other cool pages, just to try and hand me back the work. They take at least half of what they are charging you for each entertainer that has to show up (and if you cancel, they do not split any of the deposit with the booked stripper who will be out of money), and promise the type of show that I could be doing for almost triple the amount. All they literally do is come up with website templates, index their sites online, and then answer the phone. Websites do not cost them that much, because they design them off of templates created by real web developer companies. The stripper does all the hard work, i.e. body, face and hair maintenance, car, gas, tire tread, oil changes, EZ tag fare, costumes, props, dancing, stripping, telling jokes, providing good energy and vibes! And, these other companies brag about having strippers like they actually recruited them and trained them to be who they are, and look how they look! Absurdity at its finest!

Listen - I know it's a preference choice and not a prejudice issue. And, I also know that it's a cultural choice at times too. DEMAND that they show you the actual stripper you are getting way before it is too late and your party is ruined ... or well.. just doesn't make sense LMFAO! Especially if you happen to contact Hot Party with hundreds of non-existent strippers in photos throughout his "international" website! That particular website has a jealous habit of LYING ON ME, AND THEY EVEN SEND THEIR STRIPPER WORKER BEES TO TRY AND EXHAUST MY GOOGLE ADS BUDGET!!! (JEFF KOLBASKI) They even ruined my Google reviews page in 2019 (Google made the decision to take it down) with fake one-star reviews, while simultaneously starting a page of their own and writing 5-star reviews. Many businesses write their own fake reviews or pay someone else. None are local agencies (most are in CA, FL, or NY). Most of their photos are extremely old or fake, and that's a promise. By now they should be telling people that they don't know who I am. Good! 


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