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Stefanie Stripper in Houston

 It's another year. Another year with expectations of upcoming birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, sports events, promotions, divorces, homecomings and farewells. I wouldn't call myself the perfect gift or anything but if you think you no longer know what to bestow upon your love, best friend, good buddy, single uncle or cool dad who already seems to have everything - THEN THEY NEED A LAP DANCE! 

That's when I, Stefanie Stripwell, appear!

I am a combination of sexiness, sensual and energetic dance moves, wit and humor. I have costumes, music, lights, sexy props and toys, naughty games and deem myself the daring surprise connoisseur.

A few quick stats about me:

I am 5'3 (5'6 or 5'7 in heels) and very shapely with thick thighs, small waistline and sexy hips which are decorated with a beautifully well-designed floral tattoo. I also have a large but tasteful tattoo on the side of my right thigh. I have a wrist tattoo on my left wrist, an evil eye for the haters. (Yes, it works.) My tatts have spiritual meanings and are not ghetto, nor gaudy, nor strewn carelessly all over my body. They are also there to complement my curvaceous, fit figure. Anyway, my fun bags are a size DD with sexy hourglass stats 36-28-42. Boom-bam-pow-yeah!!!

I was born a dark brown-haired brunette and have been blonde before, which killed my hair; so, I no longer dye it that shade. If you think you must have a blonde for your party, I totally get why ( I used to switch from a blonde lace-front wig to a brunette wig between two parties or more in one night for ya'll until my real hair grew back); but reconsider - there's more to it than hair color. However, if I (or my other dancers) do not appear to fit your preference in other ways, well then it is what it is and thanks for stopping by! Just make sure that you are ACTUALLY going to get who you chose elsewhere. Hmm..are you though?

Really Simple Party (because I don't have to fool you into spending money) Packages

Stefanie 832-387-4770


Quickie $200

Ooh so naughty and fast! This special is good for sexy, silly pranks at the office on your boss's birthday, or your favorite co-worker after work while having some beers. I can make it a quick flash of sorts, with lap dances, or stay longer if needed. My own version of the "Strip-o-gram." Guaranteed and customized to your preference, ranging from 10-30 minutes. This package is not available to solos or couples.' 

Topless/Thong Can't Go Wrong!

Sure, your family and friends are really cool and never judge anything you do. Hmph! Yeah, right. So, this is when I do a fantastic show for your birthday boy but I'll keep my bottoms on. And if it's in a bar, he may get a sneak peek at my girlies. But! That's about as limited as it gets. Games and fun props are still available.I always guarantee at least a one hour time slot. Our actual show is not timed; I go with the flow of the crowd.

"Take it off!" for $300

Me nude for $300/ 2 of us $600

This show is the best option by far for Bachelor Parties and all-men events, the most wild and naughty. Also ideal for curious couples who wish to enjoy some private time together. With the inclusion of the initial show for the v.i.p. of the hour, a time slot of at least 90 minutes is always set aside for each party. Saturdays are the most busy and important, so a deposit may be required for this particular night. 

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